Emma Chapter 1

He presses a cloth strip into the wax to set and globs more wax into the hairy mess all around her pussy, taint and asshole. Emma moans from the heat of the wax touching her sensitive pussy. This feels nice she thinks just as he grasps the first cloth strip and rips it from above her pussy. The hair is pulled by its roots from her skin in a loud ripping sound. Emma gasps and screams at the top of her lungs in pain. She starts crying knowing there are more strips to pull. He repeats the process with the upper left and right strips leaving her pussy top smooth as a baby's ass but red. Next is her left pussy lip, he grasps the cloth strip and gives a tiny tug teasing Emma. She cries and begs him to stop. Not a chance slut he laughs and rips quickly making Emma howl and cry from the pain. He repeats the process for her right outer pussy lip watching it stretch wildly as the hair is ripped from her skin. He reaches down and grabs the taint cloth ripping that quickly, then the strips over her asshole. See that was not so bad whore, now you are properly groomed. How did you ever let your cunt get so disgusting? Emma sobs and tells him, no one has ever wanted to see her pussy before so she never bothered trimming it up. Well now it is done, keep it shaved when the hair tries to come back or I will wax it for you. Yes Master Emma says looking down at her very wet excited clit poking from her inner lips. The pain was terrible and intense but quickly melted to pleasure in her pussy, much to Emma's surprise.Mr. Howard grins down at his work. Now you must pay for my services, slut he says as he drops his pants and pulls his shirt off. Emma watches fascinated by his 8 inches of hard cock meat bobbing in front of him. Emma has never seen a cock in real life. She watches as a drop of clear precum forms on the slit on his cock head. He walks to the head of the table and pulls a lever lowering the headrest down out of the way making Emma's head tilt back and hang over the edge.. Open your whore mouth slut he commands. Emma parts her lips and opens up a little bit not knowing what he wants. He reaches down and smacks Emma's tit hard leaving a red hand print. She howls in pain, and he takes that opportunity to feed his cock into her open mouth muffling her screams. When I tell you to open you open as wide as you can slut.. He shoves hard, sliding his cock to the back of Emma's throat. She gags and coughs, never having given a blow job not knowing what to do. Relax and take a deep breath when you feel my cock at the back of your throat. When I push swallow whore. She nods and moans around his hard cock. He slides back then pushes hard again, Emma wretches but tries to do as he says swallowing hard. His cock head slips into her throat and he shoves hard burying his cock balls deep in her mouth. His balls hanging over her nose. Emma panics but cant do anything about it as she is bound tight to the table. He groans and watches Emma thrash in her restraints. He holds deep in her throat loving the feeling of her throat swallowing milking his cock shaft and head. When Emma starts turning colors needing air he pulls his cock from her mouth. Emma gulps lung fulls of needed air into her burning lungs and coughs violently clearing her airway. Not bad for a virgin he says..He walks to between her legs looking down he can see her juices pooling in her pussy opening. Her clit engorged and throbbing clearly his new sub slut is liking the rough treatment. He grins, not asking and leans down shoving his cock head into her pussy opening. Emma shrieks in surprise, then moans in pleasure.. Ohhh finally she thinks, finally someone wants my pussy. Mr Howard pulls his cock head back out and slides his shaft over her gushing cunt lubing his dick. Emma moans and begs as she feels the orgasm rising already. Oh please let me cum, I do not know how to hold it Master. No whore, you will not cum yet. Remember if you do I will punish your fat body. Yes master Emma whines pathetically. Mr Howard lines up his cock and in one hard thrust destroys Emma's virginity. She screams out in pain as he rips through her hymen. He holds deep in her cunt loving the screams of pain, and her pussy clamping down on his cock. He rocks his hips and starts a fast hard rhythm, his nuts slapping her asshole on every stroke. He watches as she fights trying not to cum as the pain has melted to mind blowing pleasure from enjoying her first hard cock. Her thighs start to quiver and shake in the restraints and she can not control the pleasure any longer and screams out loudly as her orgasm bursts through her virgin cunt and takes over her mind. OHHH FUCK YESSS, TAKE MY VIRGIN CUNT, FUCK ME OHHH GOD DAMN cum in me please fill me with your cummmmmmmm then she starts moaning and mumbling, her eyes rolling back in her head. Mr. Howard smiles viciously, and rams into her tight cunt as hard as he can.. I am so going to enjoy punishing you whore he says then starts grunting his balls tightening and boiling. He lets his control slip and the first rope of hot sticky white cum jets into Emma's cunt. He slams forward smashing his cock head into the hard ring of Emma's cervix and breeds her fertile pussy with his hot seed spewing hard, forcing through the inner ring of muscle. Emma feels this and another orgasm, this one even stronger, rips through her mind. She gasps and shudders, moaning and screaming. She never knew it could feel this fucking good. As she calms, feeling his cock soften then slide from her used pussy, she looks up seeing the evil grin on her new Master's face. Then remembers that she was not supposed to cum. She thinks to herself. Shit, he knew I would not be able to hold out, he wanted to punish me. Realization paints her face as he walks back to her face and pushes his slimy cock into her mouth again. Suck it clean like a good whore should he says. She opens wide taking the slime coated cock in her mouth licking and sucking his cum and her pussy juice from it.. She moans loving the flavor. He pulls his clean cock from her mouth and lays his shaved balls on her lips. Suck my nuts clean too bitch, he orders. Emma opens her mouth and one of his balls falls in between her lips. She sucks gently then switches to the other.. He moans his approval and pleasure. You learn quickly you filthy fat gutter whore. Emma's pussy twitches at the compliment and humiliation.Mr. Howard finishes getting his cock and balls cleaned. He steps to the bedside table picking up a camera and takes several shots of Emma's gaping smooth pussy with his white cum leaking from it running down coating her asshole. There now I have more proof that you are a wanton slut for the picture files.He releases the restraints, and Emma stretches flexing her sore muscles thinking it is over or now. Stand up slut he says.. Yes master she says, raising on weak knees swaying. Follow he orders, and she walks behind him a few steps . Stand there he points. She does. He reaches up pulling down a chain with wrist cuffs attached. Hands behind your back whore. Yes master she says doing it. He attaches the cuffs tight to Emma's wrists and hooks them together. He pulls the other end of the chain lifting Emma's arms behind her back, forcing her to lean forward. He pulls until she is standing just on the balls of her feet, tits hanging down. Emma moans in discomfort, her shoulders burning from the pressure. Now begins the punishment for cumming without permission. Mr. Howard walks to a shelf and pulls a flog from it. It has several thin leather cords attached to its handle. He runs the cords over Emma's large ass cheeks. Emma whines worried how much this will hurt. She hears a whistling hiss in the air then pain, so much pain explodes across both ass cheeks as he flogs both ass cheeks hard. Red welts rise on her milky white ass skin. Emma screams out in pain, then moans as the burn turns to pleasure shooting into her freshly fucked cunt. She can feel her clit throb demanding to be pleasured each time the flog slaps her ass. After a few minutes of flogging Mr. Howard puts the flog back in its place and watches as his cum and fresh pussy juices run down Emma's inner thighs. He grins wide.Well I will be fucked. You are a pain slut. Aren't you bitch? I do not know what that means, Master she replies. He says. It means you get off on pain. Does your pussy throb when I beat you? MMM yes master she says. Did the wax hurt whore? Yes but it felt so good Master she replies. He laughs.. That is what a pain slut craves. I think you will be happy here slut. MMM Yes please Master, let me serve you.Are you sure Slut? Do you know what you are asking? Yes Master.. Take me, use me, own my pussy, please master please she begs. Very well slut. But This will require some changes.Mr. Howard is beyond thrilled to have found a willing pain whore. He informs Emma she now belongs to him. She will fuck anyone or anything he commands. All commands will be obeyed immediately no questions. And Emma is to pack her belongings and move to his home tomorrow. She agrees to everything he has demanded. And let him know it won't be a problem with her parents as her mother has been trying to get rid of her for years.We will have many fun times, my new slave. Now we will begin again. He releases her from her bondage and commands one word. Position. Emma blinks not knowing what he wants. Get on your fucking knees, spread those thick thighs, put your hands behind your back, and look down at the ground bitch, he barks at her.. Yes Master she says and sinks to her knees quickly to comply.Mr. Howard produces a thick black leather collar with a leash loop on it. He buckles it tightly around Emma's throat. On the ring hangs a charm that reads, "Owned, Slut". You will wear that at all times, the only time you may remove it is to shower. Yes master she replies. Her pussy twitching again.. This submission and surrender is making her very horny. Now I will seal our covenant slut. Open your whore mouth and suck my cock. Emma opens wide allowing him to slide into her mouth again. He grasps her hair tightly and yanks back forcing her to look up into his eyes as he pushes hard entering her throat. Emma gags, tears run from her eyes and she does her best to swallow his invading wide long cock. Her throat bulges and shrinks as he throat fucks his new sub slut slave. He uses her hair to slide her on and off his hard shaft loving the feeling of her mouth and throat servicing his rod. Suddenly he groans loudly and she feels something hot slipping down her throat straight to her stomach. He rips his cock from her mouth and jacks hard spewing hot cum into her mouth then over her eyes and cheeks. It runs down her chin and drips to her heaving large tits coating them. Mr. Howard looks down into Emma's eyes and says. With your act of willing submission, and the gift of my seed upon your skin our covenant is sealed and you now belong to me slut.Emma has never felt this happy in her life. A man has accepted her, and desired her BBW body. He has used her for his own pleasure exciting and awakening the sub slut within that she never knew existed until this day.Dress slut, get the fuck out of my house. Here he hands her a key. I expect you to be moved in by noon tomorrow. Tell your parents anything you wish, or nothing at all except that you are leaving and not to expect to hear from you for a long time. Yes master, Emma says. Rising and pulling her clothes on over her cum soaked tits, and leaking pussy. Emma climbs the stairs weak from cumming so hard but thrilled and excited for her new life.Emma enters her house. Of course mom would have to be right there, she thinks. Her mother looks up seeing the mess of cum coating Emma's face and soaked through her t-shirt and the collar around her throat. WHAT THE FUCK EMMA. Her mother screams. Emma glares at her abusive mother, anger rising and new courage now found. Her mother continues, noticing the glare in Emma's eyes that she has never seen before. How dare you come into this house looking like a used whore. Whose cum is that all over your face. Did you fuck them? Emma sighs, tired of the abuse.. Mom, I have found someone, I am moving out tomorrow. Your wish has come true and you never have to see me again. Emma's mother is shocked, then asks who is this guy? You can't just leave without my approval. Fuck you mom I am 18 I will do whatever the fuck I want to, there is nothing you can do about it. I have had enough of your shit. I am out of here. Emma's mother sucks in a shocked breath. Her daughter has never stood up to her like this, much less cursed in front of her. She steps forward and slaps Emma hard across her cum covered face. How dare you speak to me like that you little slut. Emma moans in pleasure glaring at her own mother.. Look bitch, Emma says. Unless you want your cunt eaten, never hit me again, I found out I like that A LOT. Emma's mother staggers back, tripping and falling into a chair. A new Emma that she can not control and abuse stands in front of her stripping her cum soaked clothes off revealing the welts covering her ass. You, You like being treated like that? Mom asks, shocked and amazed. Yes, very much so. He made me cum several times. And will again. I am now his owned slut. Now I am going to shower and start packing. I am leaving first thing in the morning and do not expect to hear from me again for some time. You decide mom, treat me like the woman I am or never bother to talk to me again. With that Emma climbs the stairs, enters the bathroom and steps into a very hot steaming shower. Excitement courses through her veins from her new found life and freedom finally from her bitch mother. Emma rubs her pussy feeling an orgasm build, sighs and thinks of her new master and what fun it will be to serve his ever want, wish and need for as long as he will have her.To be continued........









Emma Chapter 1